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Re: Ok Max? Jim?
From Massa at Top 20 Search Engine Placement on 08 October '98
adding to Re: Ok Max? Jim? posted by Deb

Like most of us, I too get very frustrated by the service we get from the
major engines, especially Yahoo and Excite. You wait weeks just to see if you
are lucky enough to get in and the frustrating part is there is no
response at all. You just never know. Do I resubmit? Do I wait a month? A week?

Business in the real world is forced to follow some basic procedures
that determine customer service, yet most of the majors seem to think they don't
have to be concerned with those procedures. This is causing a rash of
new search engines that think they can fill the holes that the majors
are leaving. Personally, I support them all I can.

Someone mentioned Google. A fine example of an alternative to the majors! Another new upstart
that I hope shows promise is Newhoo uses volunteer editors to
index sites and while they may be having some problems right now, customer service
is much, much better mainly because you don't have to wait 4 months to find out
if you got listed or not.

But the most unique new engine I've found is Searchking. They are the most webmaster friendly engine
I have ever seen! They index you instantly and give enough relevancy points
to every submission to place the submission towards the top because they don't
penalize any site, (except for duplicate sites under the same keywords)
for any technique because they determine relevancy by letting the public
vote on quality and relevance. This seems to be working out very well
because while I don't get back millions of results from a search, I am
extremely impressed by the relevance and quality of the sites in the top that
I do get.

For webmasters, they let you edit your listing at any time which means
that if your not getting hits or votes, you can instantly change your
title or description or keywords until you do start getting hits. They even have a forum that
you can ask the programmers questions about the engine and get answers right away instead
of just e-mailing and hoping to get a response other than a form letter.

Searchking is new and small so like most new engines, it will be some time before we know if they
"make it" or not, but I hope at the very least some of the other engines will see that
there really is a better way to treat webmasters and return results.

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