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Re: Top site duplication
From INACHU at Inachu on 08 October '98
adding to Re: Top site duplication posted by Henry Yan

OK! I checked out the page

MAN! your use of tags!!! BLAH!!!!!!!!!

Go to my homepage now! at

in netscape go to VIEW-- Ducument source

COPY MY META TAGS and replace the info inside it to fit your needs.

You are only using 2 meta tags! Kinda wimpy!

You need minimum of 5 or 7 meta tags on your site!

SO GO do it now copy my meta tags!

My first meta tag is so It can be viewed at work.
Some companies are banning certain sites that are not
business friendly the first tag tell that you do not use
any pornographic material and is safe to be viewed in the
work place

Second tag implies the TITLE of the homepage

See now you have in the title the name then again in the meta tag!
in twice so its more likely to show up more!

third tag tells that its a document

4th tells how many times to re visit your homepage

5th tells that its a personal homepage....

6th and 7th are the key words and description

8th tells robots to index your whole site!

9th tells that this webpage can be viewed from any part of the internet

10th is the will have to look for what rating yours is

the rest is just copyright and who to contact stuff

go see my meta tags at

Thanks for the reply!

>OK. would be an example. How would I make it appear higher in search engines...?

>>NO!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T do it!

>>Talk about copyright infringement!

>>They will go down as well. Don't fight them!

>>Just remember to use the meta tag revist every 14 days
>>this way you will always be up to date!

>>Give me a web site example and I can tell you how to improve it

>>>Does anyone know if it's wise to try and duplicate the site with the top listing in a search engine as best as possible and change it back once it has been spidered? Will the overall result of it be that I can get a top listing (or near the top)?

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