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Re: Click Me Button-- Oops; here's the code
From Louis Bruno at Installations Plus+ (websites, upgrades, PCs, repairs, training) on 30 September '97 at 11:44
adding to Re: Click Me Button posted by Louis Bruno on 30 September '97 at 11:39

>>>Thank you for the code for the Grey Button.
>>>I would like to place this on my page, but would
>>>prefer to use a custom made button to flow
>>>with the page I have created. How do I point
>>>the code to the new button I have created?

>>I don't fully understand. You can change what's
>>written on the button, change the email address,
>>of course, and change the subject line of the
>>message you receive. Those are the only options,
>>it's a pretty basic script.

>Instead of the code for a submit button, , you can use a graphic to submit a form.
>The code would look like this: .

>I think that's what Dawn means.

>Hope this helps.

You've turned off HTML so the code above got stripped out. Here it is in parentheses instead of in less than and greater than brackets.

Normal code: (input type="submit")
With graphic: (input type="image" value="submit" src="whatever.gif")

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