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Re: Graphics
From Jeremy Dean on 30 September '97 at 12:03
adding to Graphics posted by Hugh Barker on 29 September '97 at 09:06

>1) Could anyone possible tell me how to create these fantastic graphics produced on the top websites. What packages are used ?

>2) I'm struggling to market our site could people have a look an e-mail me with some ideas?

1)Most of the big boys use Adobe Photoshop to do their graphics work.
The drawback is the price tag, around $600. I recommend Jasc's Paint Shop Pro.
It can do much of the same things and costs around $70. You may also want to
invest in some effects filters. A good one is Eye Candy by Alien Skin.
Hope this helps.

2)I looked at your site, and though informitive, could stand to use some color. Highlight important
info so it jumps off of the screen. Also the download time seemed slow. Perhaps it is because I am accessing from
the US.

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