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Re: Click Me Button -- More than you ever wanted to know
From Louis J. Bruno at Installations Plus+ (websites, upgrades, PCs, repairs, training) on 01 October '97 at 18:35
adding to Re: Click Me Button posted by Jim on 30 September '97 at 16:03

>One thing to bear in mind with graphical buttons:

>Everybody recognises a grey button and they know
>it's there to be clicked. If your graphical
>button doesn't say something like "click me!"
>there's a slight risk that it might get overlooked
>A small risk, sure, but it's there nevertheless.

>A plain grey button stands out better than any
>graphic, and it doesn't rely on the user having
>their graphics switched on.

Agreed on both counts. And there is a third reason to stick with plain-jane grey buttons: all browsers *understand* the standard submit button and allow use of a "post" with information in the query line.

However, some browsers, notably the crippled version built in to AOL, which so many North American surfers use, gets confused when a form is submitted from a graphic and doesn't transmit the information in the query line but instead transmits the mouse locus on the graphic.

The other side of this is that there are websites, like Dawn's which uses soft-porn images to sell lingerie and accessories, where it is highly unlikely that a user would browse with the graphics off, and a grey button would jar like a beak on a cat.
>Food for thought.

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