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Re: Back to basics! -- The flip side
From Louis Bruno at Installations Plus+ (websites, upgrades, PCs, repairs, training) on 02 October '97 at 19:58
adding to Back to basics! posted by Jim on 02 October '97 at 18:35

>This thread is addictive...

>The point of making the button a mailto form
>is for the specific purpose of creating a grey
>browser button. If you want to have a graphic
>for the user to email you with, you don't need
>to make it a form at all, just an >link... which is what Dawn already has.

>So it looks like this thread has come full circle
>and no action is required by Dawn. ROFL!

This thread could be addictive, except that I plan to stop so that the house has the last word, which is only right.

For you, the point of the button is getting the visitor to push it. I understand that; it's good salesmanship.

For me the point is getting the visitor to send me his email address by merely pushing a button, without permitting the visitor to have second thoughts.

Dawn's button pretty button, which brings up an email form doesn't satisfy either of us. I don't think it will elicit nearly as many pushes as the powerfully-trained grey button stimulus, and it doesn't satisfy me in the least. The visitor can opt not to send the mail and can forget to fill in the subject line, making it harder for the recipient to sort.

The grey button generated by using a form satisfies us both since it's hard to resist pushing it, and in almost all browsers it automatically sends mail with the subject line dictated by the form.

Using a graphic with a form could be more effective than a simple grey button (it's not hard to figure out a graphic -- especially in the context of Dawn's site -- that everyone would push. That might satisfy you. It wouldn't satisfy me because only *some* browsers sent mail automatically when a graphic is used to submit a form. Others send mail automatically, but submit the mouse coordinates. And still others bring up a mail form, which as you've pointed out is not better than Dawn's button.

BTW, the button which works best for me is on that says "Yes" with a brief tag line, like "let me know when a new *whatever* is posted."

Regards and don't choke on the thread.

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