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From Linda Rogers on 05 October '97 at 10:04
I'm single and placed an ad in some of the personals,
i give them my home page so they can see a pic and
ask if they have one...replies all the time are
i don't have a photo scanned...i would like to
provide an easy to understand site (simple jpg or gif)
just the basics so beginners can use it...alot of
replies were i just haven't had time to take one
in or i don't have a scanner...
Would there be anything wrong with sending them
email with "a friendly service" in the subject area
and in the body just putting:
"would you like to have a picture scanned?" click here
or i was thinking of even offering one for free
"try our services-one photo scan free"
I would really appreciate ANY help...i've spent
3 months 6-8 hours a day searching and reading
they say don't do something then you see it done all over

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