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Anchors away!
From Jim on 06 October '97 at 20:10
adding to Links within the page posted by Wanda Loskot on 06 October '97 at 00:08

Hi Wanda,

First, you have to place an "anchor" at the spot
you want to return to. This is what an anchor
looks like:

<A NAME="interestingspot">

Let's say this anchor is somewhere in the middle
of a page on your site, for example:


If you wanted to have a link to your interesting
paragraph, the link would look like this:

<A HREF="http://wwork.com/~successconnection/page1.html#interestingspot">Text</A>

If you want to link to an anchor on the same page,
the link would be:

<A HREF="#interestingspot">Text</A>

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