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Re: 5 things
From Jim on 11 October '97 at 11:29
adding to 5 things posted by Al Bundy on 07 October '97 at 05:27

>i have seen keywords like
>"pc gaming adverture gaming computer gaming"
>without using a "," between.
>why? what do you think about that?

You can do it that way, but then you can't have
keywords phrases, fo example if you want to target
'PC gaming' you'd have to enclose both words
with commas ie. ,pc gaming, etc.

>the link: think in altavista works well,
>but the "check your meta tags" for
>nothern webs doesn't. cgi error msg
>file not found or something like that.

That's now fixed.

>you said keywords like "web services"
>will give 0 founds in altavista because
>these keywords are ignored.
>but i got some hundred thousands.

I tried it just now and got "no matches found"

>what do you think about doing a small
>page with nothing on it than a link to your
>website at geocities? than you can easily
>have your pages listed twice.

The Promotion Artist specialises in this, and
generates extra pages loaded with keywords.

>thanx a lot to jim, you're just great!

You're welcome.

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