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Bounced From Yahoo??
From Dan Weaver on 11 October '97 at 13:40
On October 24th I set up a registration session via Spider (for www.casamojanda.com) including the auto-generated mirrored index pages copied to my server and ran the session on all engines excepting Yahoo as you recommended. After the group session I manually registered Yahoo. In a week I was up with Yahoo and showing top listings with my index title & description keywords. Over several days my Yahoo listings increased until the site occupied the first 13 (searching on casa mojanda inn) as of last evening. You can imagine my surprise on checking this evening and finding all references to the site wiped clean on Yahoo and Alta Vista.

Though I have no previous experience with engine registration (I'm following your Spider & site advice to the letter); I can only assume Yahoo cleared my registration after they checked the site (or were asked to check) and concluded I was unreasonably pulling too many high listing, five of which were mirrored index pages.

My multiple questions are as follows:

Did I wrongly understand your recommendations and make some "beginner's mistake" in the Yahoo registration?

Is my experience unique to your knowledge (spawned by unhappy competition) or is this common for Yahoo?

Do you think the site was pulled because of the mirrored indexes?

If so, (since Yahoo accounts for the bulk of client searches) how does Yahoo's response square with your recommended mirrors?

To register Yahoo, I will need to pull the index mirrors??

Most importantly, what is Yahoo's response going to be when I re-register the same site?

I thought I would initially post this directly to you and if you indicate I would be happy to copy to your message board.

Despite this setback (temporary I hope), I continue to be impressed with and a supporter of your Spider application. I trust you will be able to offer suggestions and/or advice to help me get this site back on track.

Your comments are much needed and will be most appreciated.


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