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Re: No luck with Infoseek at all ?
From Dan Weaver on 11 October '97 at 14:03
adding to No luck with Infoseek at all ? posted by Nitish Jain on 11 October '97 at 10:57

>Hi Nitish,

>I was also interested in purchasing promotion artist .. I tried the freeware version but I did not get any results ! So I don't know how effective it really is ... is anyboody out there using it ?

Yes indeed, I'm a happily registered owner
of the "Spider" application and
I'm very impressed with it's capabilities.
In light of it's range of functions I
consider it both cheap and effective.
By and large my experience with it has been
positive and it's effect for me
very productive.

Jim's prompt support on any and all questions
is an outstanding plus notably rare for a
program of such modest cost.

In reference to your infoseek difficulty...
on my first registration session my site
was up on Alta Vista, Infoseek, and HotBot
in a matter of days.

I suggest you invest in what is clearly a
quality program.

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