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Re: FrontPage97 and META tags ..... and BAD html
From INACHU at Inachu on 07 October '98
adding to Re: FrontPage97 and META tags ..... and BAD html posted by Dawn Shears

There is a new version of frontpage out!

It is frontpage98!

This version corrects the problems of
viewing tables which show up differently
between Internet Explorer and Netscape.

This should set you straight!

I still use notepad!!! HAHHA!

>>>You read this in my newsletter, but you obviously
>>>didn't receive the "FrontPage Interim Report"
>>>that followed. Let me know if you'd like me to
>>>send it again.

>OK....I just had a client tell me that he wanted to do his site corrections on FrontPage. Of course, after seeing the HORRIBLE html these types of programs
>write I was AGHAST and told him I couldn't/wouldn't work with files churned thorough FP. Anyway.....what I am getting to is WHERE is this notorious FrontPage Interim Report
>which has been referred to in previous postings? I would really appreciate it if you could send a copy. By-the-way, Jim, your site RULES. The info and programs are great. Promise, I will purchase at least
>3 of your programs when I can pay my student loan payments.

>Dawn Shears
>Web Solutions

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