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Re: Bounced From Yahoo??
From Jim on 11 October '97 at 18:07
adding to Bounced From Yahoo?? posted by Dan Weaver on 11 October '97 at 13:40

>On October 24th

You must be in hyperspace :)

>I set up a registration session via Spider
>(for www.casamojanda.com) including the
>auto-generated mirrored index pages copied
>to my server and ran the session on all
>engines excepting Yahoo as you recommended.
>After the group session I manually
>registered Yahoo. In a week I was up with
>Yahoo and showing top listings with my
>index title & description keywords. Over
>several days my Yahoo listings increased
>until the site occupied the first 13
>(searching on casa mojanda inn) as of last
>evening. Did I wrongly understand your recommendations
>and make some "beginner's mistake" in the
>Yahoo registration?

The main thing for Yahoo is not to make your
description too long. The deciding factor is
simply whether they feel like listing you or not.

My theory is that your Yahoo listing hasn't
appeared yet at all, but what you were looking
at was your Alta Vista listings. When Yahoo
doesn't find a match for a search string, it
searches the Alta Vista database and displays
that instead.

>Do you think the site was pulled because of
>the mirrored indexes?

It could be that you over-spammed Alta Vista.
I would advise resubmitting to Alta Vista,
there are many theories (none proven) for
listings disappearing, on all deep engines,
not just Alta Vista. That's why it's important
to check them every now and then.

>If so, (since Yahoo accounts for the bulk
>of client searches) how does Yahoo's
>response square with your recommended

The Promotion Artist software only submits the
generated pages to the deep engines, it doesn't
submit them to Yahoo, for example, because
there would be no chance of them getting listed
(the admin people would kick them straight out).

>To register Yahoo, I will need to pull the
>index mirrors??

Everybody is having trouble getting a Yahoo
listing at the moment, all I can recommend is
patience. The average waiting time for Yahoo seems
to be 4-6 weeks... if at all.

>Most importantly, what is Yahoo's response
>going to be when I re-register the same

Wait a few weeks and then resubmit only your
home page if you still aren't listed after that time.

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