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you rule! and yahoo is weird
From Donelle at Stuck! PC Adventure Game Hints on 13 October '97 at 01:30
Just as an aside, my partner keeps calling you "my future husband" because I was lucky enough to find your fabulous site!

Now, here's my question....I entered a few of my pages on Yahoo some time ago. Some of them went through fine and are up and doing fabulous. Others went through but some words were changed around (important words - thus screwing up the keyword searches) - and others haven't been processed at all. I sent in a change for the ones that were not processed correctly and they have yet to be fixed (well - one was fixed within 2 hours, the others - well, I've been waiting about a month now.) And I resubmitted the ones that never got processed (after waiting at least 3 weeks). One of which was accepted and up within 2 days, but the others haven't gone through at all. Now, is it just that they're very busy down in Yahoo!land? Should I keep resubmitting these pages or will they get mad?
Thanks! Your site has been most helpful with the launch of our page!

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