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Laser or Shotgun?
From Bob Minnick at Northern Webs on 16 October '97 at 23:01
I just thought I would check in and see whats going on with your site. It's changed a lot since I last visited,
it's gotten even better!
With all the competition out there on the net, people are finally getting the idea of fine tuning their tags for
a specific search engine query. We have all seen the keyword tag with millions of words matching every possible related
topic to the subject material. But have you ever thought about tuning your tag for a particular query?
Try this on for size.

1) Go to a search engine which tells you the number of documents it returns from each query. IE Alta Vista.
2) Start with a simple query, ie "Real Estate" and you get over 500,000 matches. NOT GOOD
3) Modify your query by adding a single word, ie "Real Estate California" or whatever.
4) Continue to modify your query until the search engine returns less than 200 entries for that query. Since most
search engines will not display more than 200 entries, you have a specific query at this point which you KNOW is returning
the entire match set, and now you also have some keywords for your meta tag.

The way we see it, you can either fine tune your tags for 3-5 specific queries, or you can shotgun and pray for mediocre results. The choice is yours to make.

Northern Webs, the Search Engine Tutorial Folks, and Meta Medic.

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