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Re: Unethical search engine tactics
From Marie Arakaki on 17 October '97 at 04:40
adding to Unethical search engine tactics posted by Mark Simko on 20 September '97 at 00:33

Hi Mark,

I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Thanks for giving the fair warning. Anyway, I really like your Home Page. Unfortunately, I do not have a yard in which to put a green house. Hopefully, some day I will. Perhaps, after I get my own Home Page going. If you don't mind me asking, about what percent of your sales come from your Home Page v. your shop or catalogue?? Well, take care and may the force be with you the next time some low life tries to sabotage your nice home page!


e were the victim of a new twist to the search engine competition. A new submission survived, and all the other major competitors in our relevant category were removed from the major search engines. Presumably by reporting us as dead URLs.

>The amazing thing about this, the lone survivor had no meta information on their page whatsoever. No good reason why they should come up well in a search.

>I had to resubmit our URL to the major engines. I also notified my major competitors of the situation. With autumn just around the corner (our busiest season) this could not come at a worse time.

>The reason for notifying the other competitors: This unethical behavior should not go unrewarded. The internet should be a fair and equitable competition, and not an "anything goes" free for all. I have not, however stooped to the level of the offending party and reported them as a dead URL. I can't say that someone else won't, though.

>I would like to get the word out about this though. Be sure to check your listings. I lost 3 days of accesses from this. Fortunately I caught this quickly. Mostly because of the alert from the 'Excite' post on this board. Just got curious, and was in for a rude surprise.

>I expect that this sort of thing will get worse for a while until the search engines get wise to it and provide for a double check, or password protection feature for URL registrations.

>Good luck to all, and be ever vigilant


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