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Free meal for helpful info!
From David at The Australian Travelling guide on 20 October '97 at 09:55
What a fantastic site Jim, I only wish I'd found you earlier. I've been mailing your url to my mates. I have some questions and wondered if you would be kind enough to help me. I realize you're a very busy person, but I would be eternally gratefull if you can, and if you ever visit this way, I'll buy you the biggest meal you've ever seen!
As these description meta tags are between commas, each set is seen as a different word, right? So even though I've used Australia many times, I won't be penalised, right?

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I'm working on re-submitting my site. The first time I rushed in "Gung-Ho" and I'm only getting around 50 - 70 visitors per week. I first submitted it about 6 weeks ago. Using a prog called "Submission Wizard" by a
company called "Exploit the Web". I fear they may have exploited me!
Anyway, this time I want to get it right BEFORE I submit it! I've created a new sub directory called /aust/travel and I have a refresh page as the index. After reading your pages I will have to scrub that. The other pages I named aust1.htm, aust2.htm and so on, looks like this is useless too
hey? As the spiders won't look at the page titles as relevant?
Thanks in advance, when this Submission Wizard expires, I'll give yours a go! And thanks again for the excellent information at your site.

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