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Directory listing
From Steve Rush at ans-net.com on 21 October '97 at 12:18
Your product works great!!! Wonders and other kind
things. When Alta Vista lists one of my sites
the java script shows up in the description
of the listing. I've checked the code and
don't see any obvious errors. Do you have any idea
what might be happening? It looks like this:

Hand rolled Premium Cigars Cuban style - function scrollit_r2l(seed) { var m1 =
"Ric's Fine Cigars "; var m2 = "316 E. 11th Tulsa, Ok. 74120 "; var m3 = "Phone
(918) 584-1090 Fax (918) 584-1901...

Has anyone see this before? and what might be the cure?

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