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Will the use of my Sub Directories cause hassles.
From David A at Tim's Surf 'n' Turf Restaurants Australia on 23 October '97 at 08:22
My base directory is /~tims
I've called one site /~tims/travelling/australian/guides
and another /~tims/travelling/cairns/guides
is this acceptable? Or will it be seen as spamming and
if so will I be dumped?
I'd prefer /~tims/great/barrier/reef/travelling/guides
Or is that really over the top?
I've ordered the "Artist" BTW I told Exploit I wasn't happy
with the product and they offered a refund, which I jumped at and
immediately placed an order with you. You are obviously a proffesional
in every sense of the word! Thanks in advance Jim!

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