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Ok - you've convinced me....
From Mike O'Donoghue on 28 October '97 at 14:32
A bit of a clever dickie aren't you ?

Having spent ages smurfing round your site and finding myself nodding at what I read, I am now rather painfully aware that the chaps that did our web-site have been (shall we say) less than imaginative. I've had to spoon-feed them to get our site to the stage it is at, and I think we could do better.

With your help perhaps. Maybe you could cast your eye over it and contact me to advise by how much you think you could improve it and for much dosh, how long it would take, that sort of thing.

PS we're running our own dedicated server at our ISP, and want to be able to offer credit card paying facilities off our pages next. Saw your Credit Card form - I may well have that off you next....

Hear from you soon ?

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