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Re: Losing ranking in Infoseek
From Jim on 29 October '97 at 18:29
adding to Losing ranking in Infoseek posted by Monique Gulick on 29 October '97 at 04:27

How often do you
>>recommend submitting?

I recommend resubmitting when a listing is unsatisfactory,
but never just for the sake of it. Infoseek is
indeed playing silly buggers at the moment, they've
done some "restructuring" and nobody knows what's
going on with it. Just keep trying is all you can do,
and try to find out why the top listings are at the
top, etc...

>>Also can you point me to a good site on the Net that discusses the
>>subject of buying key words, who does it and who does not allow it,

I don't know about "allowing". I don't understand
why you'd want to BUY keywords. The best person
to choose keywords for a site is the site owner.
Even when I'm doing work for a client, I always
ask them which keywords they'd like to target.

Nobody knows a business better than the businessperson
themselves, and the same applies to keywords.

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