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Altavista problems
From Jochen Binikowski at Ships-in-Bottles, Buddelschiffe on 07 November '97 at 18:45

1. I discovered that Altavista is 2 times existing: Altavista.digital.com and Altavista.telia.com. Althought I registered my homepages at both, they appear only at Altavista.telia.com. Before, my homepages were only hosted by AOL and I thought, that this might be the reason that Altavista.digital.com does not like my sites.
Since about one week I have my own domain but the result is the same. What did I do wrong? Altavista
digital.com displays only those (AOL) sites where I am only indirectly present through links like in Yahoo!,
Sharelok.de etc.
2. The address of my main Hompage is http://www.buddel.de while the startfile is home.htm When I
directly encode the following combinations in the browser, my site appears:
h ttp://buddel.de
Which combination is the best for registering URLs to the search engeenes?
I will be very thankfull for some hints.

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