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INTERESTING - Altavista goes international
From Jim on 08 November '97 at 08:07
adding to Altavista problems posted by Jochen Binikowski on 07 November '97 at 18:45

>1. I discovered that Altavista is 2 times existing: Altavista.digital.com and Altavista.telia.com. Althought I registered my homepages at both, they appear only at Altavista.telia.com. Before, my homepages were only hosted by AOL and I thought, that this might be the reason that Altavista.digital.com does not like my sites.
>Since about one week I have my own domain but the result is the same. What did I do wrong? Altavista
>digital.com displays only those (AOL) sites where I am only indirectly present through links like in Yahoo!,
>Sharelok.de etc.

altavista.digital.com indexes all "top level" domains
ie. com, net, org and altavista.telia.com indexes the
rest ie. all second level/international domains. For you,
this means that because your domain end in .de you'll
NEVER be listed on altavista.digital.com

Bummer :(

>2. The address of my main Hompage is http://www.buddel.de while the startfile is home.htm When I
>directly encode the following combinations in the browser, my site appears:
>Which combination is the best for registering URLs to the search engeenes?
>I will be very thankfull for some hints.

It doesn't matter which of these you register because a) the problem above and
b) the robot "resolves" your domain. In other words, it doesn't matter whether
you use the slash or not.

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