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Re: Help me with Yahoo !
From Rick B on 08 November '97 at 12:31
adding to Re: Help me with Yahoo ! posted by Dave on 19 October '97 at 23:18

>Your URL is not showing up when you plug in search words that you have placed as your keywords. I think that is what you're getting at. Well Yahoo doesn't use keywords. It bases it search for relevancy on the words in your site title and the description that you have submitted to them. The description on the form not the meta tag.
It also helps when the pages within the site
have relevant names, i.e.-turkey.htm within a
site that for whatever reason, promotes turkeys.
Yahoo will also consider comments but not meta
tags as was mentioned b4. But it's all still
arbitrary. As they've told me, "the algorhythms
are strictly linear and based on the number of
cups of coffee." Sites are reviewed by humans
and admitted or denied depending upon whether
it's "liked". I don't know what determines
that but adding comments at the end of your submission
such as, "I love you dearly" might not hurt. :)

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