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Re: How do I not SPAM the main text of a web page ?
From Jim on 11 November '97 at 14:38
adding to How do I not SPAM the main text of a web page ? posted by Andrew Harris on 08 November '97 at 09:07

>I understand about not spamming META phrases (not more than 7 same words, or 3
>as you suggest), but are there any rules about repeating (or not repeating)
>the same word multipul times in the body or main text of a page ?

There's no firm evidence (is there ever?) but I would
say you're slightly safer spamming your <BODY>
(sounds kinky) than you are spamming your <META>
although I don't know how you're planning to do this.
If you're thinking of "camouflaging" your spam (making
it the same colour as the background) then think aganin
because this will DEFINITELY incur penalties.

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