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camouflaging; there is a way (heh heh heh)
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 12 November '97 at 23:28
adding to Re: How do I not SPAM the main text of a web page ? posted by Jim on 11 November '97 at 14:38

I think there is a way to invisably spam the of your web page without getting penilized. If you ues a grey hex code for the page color, and then use a gif, thats a single pixel of white as a 'background image' you get a white page..guess what color to use for the spamming text ?

want to go one better ? ever see a page with a background image that is a white page with a colored stripe down the left side of the page ? if you use a background image like this, and put up a 2 colum form, with the left colum (very narrow) running only in the colored strip, and the right colum in the white part, then put the spam text in the left side (same color as the stripe) and your ad copy (text) in the right colum, well you KNOW which side the search engins read first.

of coarse if the visitor has the graphics turned off its all shot to hell.

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