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Re: What about key phrases?
From Jim on 16 November '97 at 11:23
adding to Re: What about key phrases? posted by Scott W. Spain on 11 November '97 at 21:47

>How are key phrase percentages counted?
>For example, say I want to be found when
>people search for Blue Dog. If I want 20%
>keyword concentration, do those two words
>need to appear next to each other in that
>order every time?

The more often the entire keyword phrase appears,
the stronger that phrase will be. A keyword phrase
is exactly the same as a single keyword, the only
difference is that one or more of the characters in
it just happens to be a space character.

The answer to your question is yes, they would have
to appear together. if they didn't then it wouldn't
be a phrase would it? It would be two separate words.

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