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Re: Invisible links
From Jim on 17 November '97 at 03:28
adding to Invisable links posted by David A on 17 November '97 at 02:02

>I had someone ask me to link my page to theirs.
>It had the codes for several options including
>an invisable link. Is there any value in this?
>If so, what is the code to do it please.

I suppose they think that robots will visit their site
via yours even if there's nothing for a user to click on.
If you want to do an invisible link jsut leave out the
text, like this: <A HREF="http://sillysite.com"></A>

No, there's no value in this. Whenever you give somebody a
link (of whatever kind) do it because their site is worthy
of a link, not just because they asked.

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