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Re: how many listings is too much?
From Jim on 20 November '97 at 17:44
adding to how many listings is too much? posted by paul on 20 November '97 at 13:34

>How much is too much? When I type
>url:wwwmyurl from Alta Vista and Infoseek I get about
>150 pages listed. Will they boot me out if I do more?
>I mean, when do I stop?

This is a grey area, but if you listen to the
rumours then 200 pages seems to be the danger zone.

Having said that, the url: function
on the deep engines is a bit flaky. When I did
url:http://deadlock.com on Alta Vista
just now, it reported 824 listings, but
when I actually checked them there were only 26.

If you do hit the domain limit, what'll happen
is that the engine won't allow any further submissions,
but it won't delete any that are already there.

If you have your own domain then it's simply a case
of removing the ones you don't want and having
your "best 200" listed.

If you're with a large hosting service and you're having
trouble getting listed then you need to use sneaky tactics.

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