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Re: Frames
From Jim on 26 November '97 at 09:49
adding to Frames posted by S. Spunk on 25 November '97 at 17:26

>I've run into a problem submiting my page
>on excite (and probably others). I've been
>told they will not add my site because I
>use frames.

Not exactly. See the FAQ.

>I see that you also use frames
>on your site

Only half of it, and only then out of necessity.
If I could avoid it, I would.

>and I'm wondering what advise
>you have in listing them. Specificly, if
>someone gets to one of my sub pages, (with
>no frames) is there a good way to get them
>back to my index page (with the frames)?
>otherwise the site doesn't look right....

That's another major drawback with frames. You're
right, it's very messy trying to get your user back
into frames once they're out of them. One
workaround is to put a 'home' link on all your
framed pages which would take them back to the
framed home page, but it's untidy.

My solution is that I don't submit my framed
pages to the deep engines at all, only the main
index. I have plenty of other non-framed pages
on the site so it's not too much of an issue.
Like you, I don't want people to land on the
site via a page which should be framed.

>p.s. I think your site is fantastic and I'm
>willing to overlook your Mac bashing
>(seeing how you're stuck with an inferior

Let's skip the politics eh? ;)

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