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Protocols, domains and hosting
From Jim on 01 December '97 at 23:05
adding to Domain Confusion posted by Paul on 01 December '97 at 17:08

>I see .com .net .org Do I have to use .com?
>since the good .com domain names are used up?

So let's start at the beginning... You're about
to choose a new domain name, right? You you're
not allowed .org unless you're a registered non-
profit organisation. Apart from that, anything goes.
The only thing to worry about is whether somebody
else already has your choice. First, try your
preferred URL in your browser. If there's no DNS
then double-check the InterNIC:


>Also, sometimes I see http://theurl.com
>without www, ftp or gopher- How does this
>all fit togother? I know www, ftp and gopher but
>without anything before the url is new
>to me.

When you register a new domain you should register
it as yourdomain.com - then all you need is a decent
hosting service who will set it up so you can
have it either with or without the www. (it works both
ways, try it - http://deadlock.com/ or http://www.deadlock.com

Some people make the mistake of registering their domain as
www.domain.com - but then they *must* use the www part, they
don't get a choice.

ftp, gopher etc. is nothing to do with a domain, that's the
*protocol* URL is short for Universal Resource Location -
in other words, the Web, which is denoted by http (Hypertext
Transfer Protocol) as opposed to other *protocols* like FTP
(File Transfer Protocol), Gopher (self-explanatory) and
probably a few others.

> Do you know of a good web site that
>explains all this?

Erm, how about http://deadlock.com/bbs/messages/288.html


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