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Alta Vista - we're dead in the water
From Brian Geverd on 02 December '97 at 15:22
Problem: Alta Vista had us as #2 for a couple of months until a
competitor showed up and took up the first 2 pages. We dropped from 2 to 21
overnight. Each of their entries is slightly different with each linking
to a separate uniform page. It's an old
listing, June 1996 and it is overtly redundant.

Question: Why did such an old listing show up now? What can be done...
freshen the title and resubmit? Alta Vista won't respond to mail and they have
not updated our pages since we took your lessons to heart.

We're so close to "engine perfection" that its a matter of pride to
solve this Alta Vista problem. We are grateful followers of your service ... and our
results prove it. Key in "soccer uniforms" to 85% of the engines and
we're either 1-2-3 or 4.

Thanks Jim

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