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Re: Getting credit cards on your webpage?
From Jim on 07 December '97 at 00:40
adding to Getting credit cards on your webpage? posted by Brandon Blum

This is fast becoming an FAQ, so I'm marking it
as 'important'.

There are two stages involved with accepting cards

a) You must have a secure order form, otherwise people
simply won't order from you. I can set this up for you -
see http://deadlock.com/toyshop/#secure

b) You must be able to process the card numbers once
you have them. The ideal way is for you to get your
own merchant credit card account from your bank or
financial service. If they won't give it to you then
your next option is to sign up with an online card
processing agency who will charge you a much higher
fee than a proper merchant account, and the other
disadvantage is that you have to wait several weeks
before you get your money.

It's likely that you'll have to choose an online agency,
in which case I can recommend Realtime Commerce Solutions
at http://www.realtimecommerce.com - just tell them I sent

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