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Re: Getting credit cards on your webpage?
From Jochen Binikowski at Ships in Bottles on 07 December '97 at 19:48
adding to Re: Getting credit cards on your webpage? posted by Jim

I made the experience that most customers are afraid to encode their credit card numbers into an internet order form. That's why I am telling my homepage-visitors that if they want to pay by credit card they should send the details by fax. That avoids abuses of "bad guys" in 99.99% of all cases!

>This is fast becoming an FAQ, so I'm marking it
>as 'important'.

>There are two stages involved with accepting cards

>a) You must have a secure order form, otherwise people
>simply won't order from you. I can set this up for you -
>see http://deadlock.com/toyshop/#secure

>b) You must be able to process the card numbers once
>you have them. The ideal way is for you to get your
>own merchant credit card account from your bank or
>financial service. If they won't give it to you then
>your next option is to sign up with an online card
>processing agency who will charge you a much higher
>fee than a proper merchant account, and the other
>disadvantage is that you have to wait several weeks
>before you get your money.

>It's likely that you'll have to choose an online agency,
>in which case I can recommend Realtime Commerce Solutions
>at http://www.realtimecommerce.com - just tell them I sent

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