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Re: Alta Vista - we're dead in the water
From Brian Geverd on 09 December '97 at 00:04
adding to Re: Alta Vista - we're dead in the water posted by Jim

>On the face of it, you could simply resubmit their
>page, and if it's an old spammed document it'll drop
>like a stone when it gets re-indexed. However, things
>aren't always that simple. It could be a new listing
>with an erroneous date...


Thanks for your response.

It appears as if it is an old page. They have about 400
lines of hidden repeated keyword text at the bottom of their home
page (no exageration) and a copyright from '96.

If an 'unfortunate' resubmission were to occur.... would it be
done for each .html document or just for the base URL? Is one way
more effective than another?

20 consecutive/redundant listings are a waste of time and space
for everyone...including Alta Vista. Putting 19 out of them
thier misery isn't as much of a "crime" as it is a service.

Lastly, are there any potential backlashes to this approach?

Thanks Jim,


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