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Re: Is it worth doing?
From brian on 09 December '97 at 09:54
adding to Is it worth doing? posted by Lyuba Belova

>What's the best way to estimate potential
>revenues from a business web-site before
>it's posted?

The best way to "estimate" is to "ensure" that you have correctly
worked your titles, text, metas and content FIRST.

DON'T SUBMIT until you are certain they will work or you
will spend month after month after month trying to fix a disaster.

We hired a so called marketing company and gave them 8
thousand dollars to do absolutely nothing to ensure
our success on search engines. Certainly, they "estimated" fame
and fortune for our business... but all we got was "0".
zero traffic, zero sales.

Per Deadlock, we enhanced our content, descriptions, tags etc.
and are now experiencing over one thousand visits a week and over
150 qualified product inquiries a week.

If you have a viable product/service to sell online, surround it with viable
"free" content/service and get your documents letter perfect, you can
at least estimate that you will produce more viable opportunity
than you could ever obtain elsewhere.

Brian Geverd

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