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Re: Getting credit cards on your webpage?
From Brandon Blum at Look for it coming in a few months! on 10 December '97 at 23:07
adding to Getting credit cards on your webpage? posted by Brandon Blum

>Hi there,
>I was wondering what is the best way of accepting credit cards on your site, one that'll auto. put the money in the account and do it all for you, how much can I look on spending including the merchant account, I live in California if that means anything.
>Thanks a lot!,

Well, I would just like to thank all of you for your opinion(s), I know I will be getting a credit card applictaion on my page(s), otherwise I would loose a lot of money, but how much would all of this be costing if I didn't get the merchant account? That place that you recomnded seemed very reliable, need to contact them, is that who you go through, or do you have your own merchant account? Oh yeah, I wouldn't need their SSL, because I have my own!

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