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Re: Is it worth doing?
From Jim on 17 December '97 at 15:24
adding to Is it worth doing? posted by Lyuba Belova

>What's the best way to estimate potential
>revenues from a business web-site before
>it's posted?

The other replies are both correct, I couldn't have
put it better myself :)

There is absolutely no way of telling how
successful your site will be in advance, it
really is stepping into the dark, that's what
makes it so exciting.

If you're asking yourself "is it going to be
worth the effort?" then I'd advise you against
taking it on in the first place because it's
your own effort and determination that'll make
it successful, nothing else. If you're somebody
who tries things and then gives up if it doesn't
produce immediate results then you're doomed
from the start.

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