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Re: fees for banner advertising
From Jim on 17 December '97 at 15:33
adding to fees for banner advertising posted by Tim Bender

>Do you know anything about fees and rate
>structures ? Is there a rule of thumb what
>hosting pages charge ? And what is the
>basis for their fees (click-through; time....)

There are lots of different charge structures,
and average click-through charge is about 10 cents
but you can also pay by "impressions" or time,
depending on how the service works.

There are loads of banner services around,
just go to Yahoo and search 'banners'. I always
advise against Link Exchange (free) banners,
but proper paid banners can be a good idea.

One of the 'big boys' in banner advertising is
www.eyescream.com but you need a few thousand
dollars before they'll speak to you. They charge
$750 just for the *design* of a banner, without
placing it anywhere :) It's probably worth it
if you're serious about your strategy.

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