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Re: Generated Pages
From Jim on 17 December '97 at 15:42
adding to Generated Pages posted by John

>Nice site! Two quick questions about
>Promotion Artist. 1) I've noticed the newer
>version generates only two extra pages as
>opposed to five in the earlier versions...
>any reason for this?

See http://deadlock.com/promote/pages/versions.html

2) When submitting to a search engine or
>directory with more than selectable
>category i.e computing then computer
>software, should you just submit to the one
>category or can you submit to both if they
>are relevant to the site you're promoting.

In your case of computing/computer software
you won't get away with it. Categories only
count for Standard Directories, not the major
deep engines. In most cases the (human) admin people
from the Standard Directories actually check
sites to see if they're relevant to the category(s)
you've submitted. If you think you can get away
with two categories, go for it, otherwise don't

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