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Deb has a killer site
From Jim on 17 December '97 at 20:15
adding to a Meta to say NO DONT LOOK?? posted by Deb

>All the info you provide here is great!!

Before I answer your question, I want to explain
to others reading this why I've marked this
thread as one of my favourites. It's not because
of the question, but because I would urge everyody
to visit your site. I'm always ranting on about
the need to provide free and useful info, and
yours is a perfect example. You only need to look
at the counter and the number of messages on
your boards (do you clear them out daily, or what?!)
to see that I am indeed telling the truth:
Content Is King!

I take my hat off to you, Deb. Here's a big
link for people to click on:

Divided Hearts

I'm not too sure about the ABBA though, that
*gives* me stress ;)

>I'm wondering though...when submitting
>sites to the crawlers what type of meta
>tag would I need to put in a sub page if
>I do NOT want the crawler to see that

You need a robots.txt file. See:


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