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Re: Is it worth doing?
From Lyuba Belova on 19 December '97 at 06:54
adding to Re: Is it worth doing? posted by Jim

>The other replies are both correct, I couldn't have
>put it better myself :)

>There is absolutely no way of telling how
>successful your site will be in advance, it
>really is stepping into the dark, that's what
>makes it so exciting.

>If you're asking yourself "is it going to be
>worth the effort?" then I'd advise you against
>taking it on in the first place because it's
>your own effort and determination that'll make
>it successful, nothing else. If you're somebody
>who tries things and then gives up if it doesn't
>produce immediate results then you're doomed
>from the start.

It's not that I'm asking myself that question
really, if I were the boss, I would've done that
a long time ago. But unfortunately that's the
way most higher managenent is: before investing
a penny they want you to PROVE that it will bring
profit. And in this case I personnaly don't see
any reasonable way of such prediction before the
job's done.

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