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Re: Not from where I'm standing
From Deb at DividedHearts on 19 December '97 at 06:56
adding to Not from where I'm standing posted by Jim

Just a lil happy medium here...
I gotta say I agree with Jim...Credit Cards online by those willing to purchase products (they've most not likely not physically felt in real life)
are not a big deal as long as it's encrypted(and personally wouldn't have been a big deal with encryption if those selling it hadn't of put the fear in so many e.g. Microsoft, IBM and Netscape who produce Internet secure servers have started this whole myth so they could sell more Internet security programs)

A "solution" is now being widely spread to consumers telling them in order to "stay safe" look for these three things...
and I quote
"A few basic things you can check on before ordering something online to make sure this is a legitimate company are:

Does the Website show the physical/mailing address of this company?

Does their ordering system give you options on how to submit your information .. can you call your order
in over the phone? or mail them a check?

If you are feeling suspicious about it in anyway, call them on the phone to verify this is a legitimate
End Quote

with that in mind ... and so many seeing it..then I'd say for the best possible option in allowing ALL of your viewers/potential buyers the safe feeling and ease of ordering...offer all you have to offer.
MANDATORY for sales revenue secure online ordering
and the option of phone/fax/mail also:)

Now everyone's happy... ain't life grand:)

Just had to add my pennies on this one cuz it's been a recent big time topic for me and mine latly...

Thanx for listening

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