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One more question...or is it a tip?
From Deb at DividedHearts on 19 December '97 at 07:06
I dunno just browsing some more around here and thought of something ..
Just not sure if it's ridiculous or Great Idea?

I've noticed the ALT tags in some of my images at top of page and on alta vista with some of my sub pages even the image name showed up...
and ofcourse they now have a gazillion 'graphic search engines' etc..

What about takeing notice of what we are nameing the images we use on our web sites..i.e rather then background.jpg going with keyword.jpg?
and utilizing the ALT tag for images... my banner on DHearts repeats the title of the page in graphic form..but think it would help to throw in a few extra keywords in the ALT tag for it?

Just a thought...

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