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It'a a "Great Idea"
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 19 December '97 at 20:05
adding to One more question...or is it a tip? posted by Deb

>I dunno just browsing some more around here and thought of something ..
>Just not sure if it's ridiculous or Great Idea?

>I've noticed the ALT tags in some of my images at top of page and on alta vista with some of my sub pages even the image name showed up...
>and ofcourse they now have a gazillion 'graphic search engines' etc..

>What about takeing notice of what we are nameing the images we use on our web sites..i.e rather then background.jpg going with keyword.jpg?
>and utilizing the ALT tag for images... my banner on DHearts repeats the title of the page in graphic form..but think it would help to throw in a few extra keywords in the ALT tag for it?

>Just a thought...

well, since the spiders see the HTML of a page (not what you see in your browser) this would help to increse the frequency of your keywords. It's a Great Idea".

So ah, Jim ? How come you didn't mention this ? (just kidding)

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