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From Jim on 20 December '97 at 19:15
adding to Re: Is it worth doing? posted by Lyuba Belova

>It's not that I'm asking myself that question
>really, if I were the boss, I would've done that
>a long time ago. But unfortunately that's the
>way most higher managenent is: before investing
>a penny they want you to PROVE that it will bring
>profit. And in this case I personnaly don't see
>any reasonable way of such prediction before the
>job's done.

Ah, that old chestnut! Well, it just so happens that
I have personal experience on this one.

You probably know about the first site I did,
for the hotel? Well, originally I tried to convince
them it was a good idea to put a bit of money into
it but it was impossible to convince them, so
I went ahead and did the whole thing for free,
off my own back. One year later, when it proved
wildly successful, I could name my own price -
and I did :) I'm not telling you what the
price was but let's just say they probably
wish they'd invested a little in the project
at the beginning.

What I'm saying is, if your management aren't
forward-thinking enough to invest in the beginning,
take the risk yourself and sell them the results
for a much higher price later on.

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