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Thrown in the deep end, all advice, tips etc, VERY welcome
From Alex Burrough on 27 December '97 at 12:01
Dear All,

I have recently been thrown into an interesting, though rather challanging situation. In any case, a great learning opportunity if I can pull it off. I have just started work at a small translating and copywriting agency in the Netherlands (see http://www.bart.nl/~etc/), and by "virtue" of the fact that I am the most computer literate peson there (despite the below), I have been assigned the task of sorting out their web page for them. I only started using e-mail and win95 about four months ago, so this is very much a case of being lobbed in the deep end. Any tips, suggestions, comments, links, inteligent starting points etc, would be most, most welcome.
May I already thank Jim Heath, and Jim Rhodes for their excellent pages.

Yours sincerely,

(P.S. I realize and appologize for the vague broadness of this question, but I have to start somewhere :-)
Alex Burrough

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