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From Jim on 28 December '97 at 00:10
adding to Will the Internic cancel someone's domain name for irrelevancy? posted by Nicholas

>If a company is using a domain name that
>gets a lot of hits, but bears absolutely
>no relationship to their product, will the
>Internic cancel their domain name, once
>the crime is pointed out? Pointed out by
>us, of course.

Absolutely not. The InterNIC has no interest
in the content of a site UNLESS it's .org or
.gov in which case you have to be a registered
non-profit organisation or a government respectively.

>But - is there a waiting list for names?

The only waiting involved is the time it takes
the InterNIC to register you. The name is either
available or it's taken. You can find out for
yourself easily:


>Would this be Dirty Tricks, or Too Dirty

Can't see any dirty tricks in this thread.

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