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Re: Most of My Sites Won't List!
From Jim on 28 December '97 at 00:33
adding to Most of My Sites Won't List! posted by Drew

>I think this is because my hosting service
>is doing Virtual Hosting. I have an expert
>account and my own domain name but the domains
>that I create under mine do not show up on
>the search engines (or leave quickly).

There's a big difference between not being
indexed at all, and being indexed poorly. The
former would indicate a problem in your
submission process, the latter would show
poor promotion techniques...

>have tried for months! Your Meta Tag tester
>shows no tags, which leads me to believe
>that the system is having the same difficulty
>finding my sites as the spiders.

They look OK, but maybe the tester needs your
syntax to be uppercase:


instead of

<META Name

Only my
>main site gets listed right, and poorly too.

>These include:

>Will Jim's software solve this problem?

It should improve things for you, yes, but
you should also pay careful attention to the
design and content of your site to get the best
results (just read this whole site and take notes).

Why not try out the software? The demo version
is fully functonal with five of the most important
search engines.

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