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getting your site more than once on one domain name?
From Brandon Blum at Coming soon, I promise! on 29 December '97 at 17:55
I recently went to yahoo trying to look uo some stuff(getting some T1 lines) and I noticed that the same domain name came up with the same exact description like a few times, and best of all for that comapny they had like the first few listings. I was wondering how did they get under the same domain name, how is that possible without spamming and re-submiting dozens of times, is it possible that they did it on different days when different people at yahoo were looking at it and din't know that it was listed before? Is it possible to do this for my site?
Thanks again,
P.S. it seems like very message I post some part of it turns green, I feel sooo special..lol thanks jim! l8er!

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